More rain……

28th May 2013 …..

Park Lime Pits Panorama

As the popular song goes – what a difference a day makes. Yesterday I was clad in Lycra, cycling around a sunbaked Walsall – today I wrote this blog whilst I sat, clad in Goretex, beside the small pool at Park Lime Pits, sheltering from the incessant rain. Park Lime PitsEnglish weather is varied, if nothing else, and the Lush greenery it provides us with is a blessing, although as I sit underneath a tree, trying to keep dry it doesn’t seem that way.
My photographs today are few and far between, as I’m very reluctant to extract my precious cameras from the dry confines of my backpack – who wants to see photos of bloody rain, anyway ??Steps, Park Lime Pits


About stevieboy378

In my 50th year. I'm a keen cyclist, walker, photographer, musician, TV watcher, XBox gamer, and all-round couch potato....
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