Fishwatching . . . .

Tuesday 4th June 2013

My stroll around Park Lime Pits today included a gentle blast from the past – teenagers swinging out over the lake on a rope swing, and swimming. With that, and the footpaths and steps becoming slightly overgrown at the moment, the place really did resemble its 1970’s self for a while…….

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Some of these fish are over a foot long

Anyway, I headed over to my usual quiet spot beside the small pool.

Approaching the spot through the trees, stealthily, I spotted a large shoal of Bream, with a few Roach tagging along for the ride. I love watching fish cruising along the pool, just below the surface – I could watch for hours, and usually do.

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Believe it or not, this is a pike.

Theres also a sizeable Pike which patrols the margins, but he’s a wily old creature. The slightest movement or vibration from the bank sends him scuttling off into the depths. The best shot I’ve managed to get of him is nothing more than a fuzzy, Pike-shaped blob. I’ll persevere though . . . . .

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In my 50th year. I'm a keen cyclist, walker, photographer, musician, TV watcher, XBox gamer, and all-round couch potato....
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3 Responses to Fishwatching . . . .

  1. ziksby says:

    I passed by on the far side, wasn’t sure it was you … your peace seemed to have been invaded by 3 lads wielding sticks.
    Did you see George (@_themushroom)? I heard him calling for his dog “Patch” but didn’t see him or the dog.

    • stevieboy378 says:

      That was me – it was 2 young lads and their father, spotting fish – we chatted for a while, then they left me in peace again. You weren’t netting stuff out of the small pool at one point, were you ??

      • ziksby says:

        No, not me. I’d already walked round the pits and was headed off towards the canal … spotted the little owl past Riddian Bridge sitting on his usual fence post other side of field.

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