It’s Bloxwich Carnival time tomorrow!

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Carnival Dates

Yes, tomorrow is the day we’ve all been waiting for in Bloxwich – it’s CARNIVAL DAY!

One of the most important days in the village calendar, indeed on of the most important in the district, Bloxwich Carnival dates right back to the Great War Peace Celebrations of 1919 when local men dressed in fancy dress and played football to raise funds for the soldiers who returned, the widows and orphans of those who did not, for local hospitals and for local old folk – the latter a tradition still carried on today by the current carnival committee with the time-honoured annual Senior Citizens Party which this year took place in July at Bloxwich Baths.

As with the past few years, the 2013 Bloxwich Carnival is taking place entirely in King George V Playing Fields, and there will be no parade.

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