An industrial powerhouse

Great blog from Bob – I remember the power station well, and spend hours walking over the ground where it once stood, looking for traces of the place, and trying to picture where each structure stood. This OS map, especially when overlaid onto Google earth, with be of great help as I wander around the area. Many thanks, Bob ! !

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While I was researching the Birchills Irownworks post, I noticed that part of the story was falling off the south western corner of the maps, and covered Reedswood. We have addressed the story of Walsall Power Station before, but never the mapping record. I was so intrigued, I took a look at what was in the archives.

In a previous post, I noted:

Reedswood was the site of Walsall’s very own power station. Wedged into land between Birchills, Reedsword Park and The Beechdale, it generated electricity for about 70 years over the course of two separate stations. Wikipedia has this to say on the station’s history:

The first power station on the site was built for Walsall Corporation. Work began in 1914, and electricity was being generated by 1916, although the project was not officially completed until 1922. Cooling water was supplied by a pumping station on…

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