In The Secret Garden ….

Monday 9th September 2013

(As always please feel free to click on any image to view at higher resolution in Flickr)

My train pulled into New Street station at 16:10 today. The sun was still showing its face in between showers and I wasn’t pushed for time, so I decided to take a walk to the new Library Of Birmingham. I’ve seen the building from the outside a few times and have to admit it looks a little tacky to my eyes, but thats personal taste. Stepping over the threshold into the library I was surprised at how spacious the interior appeared – a little TOO spacious to me, almost as if the owners hadn’t got enough bookshelves & furniture to fill the place and had spread everything out a little too much. But whatever – I’ll take a more leisurely walk around one another occasion – today I was interested in capturing images from the rooftop garden. So upwards I went, admiring the views from the windows as I gained height….

BT Tower from the Library Of Birmingham

BT Tower from floor 5 of the Library ….

A few escalators and 90 odd stairs later I was on the rooftop “secret garden”, admiring the surprisingly extensive views out over the surrounding suburbs and countryside.

The Cube from the Library of Birmingham ...

Composite HDR image of The Cube & The Hyatt hotel….

Looking North From The Library Of Birmingham...

Looking North – Barr Beacon can be seen on the horizon, left ….

Looking towards the Cube from the Library of Birmingham ...

The Cube and the Hyatt hotel….

I also managed to take enough side-by-side shots to enable me to play with the image-stitching software on my Macbook and create panoramic images. It wasn’t possible to capture suitable images when facing Westward, as the sun was very low in the sky, but I’m hoping to make my next visit earlier in the day to remedy this. I heartily recommend clicking on these images to view them at full size and resolution in Flickr, but please be aware that the images are VERY large …..

Looking NW-SE

Looking NW-SE …. On the horizon, far left, can be seen the WBA football stadium, and on the far right is the nearby Alpha Tower . .
Click to view the full size image (16412 x 2518 pixels)

Looking North-East.

Looking North-East. The BT Tower and The Rotunda are clearly visible ….
Click to view the full size image (10377 x 2584 pixels)

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In my 50th year. I'm a keen cyclist, walker, photographer, musician, TV watcher, XBox gamer, and all-round couch potato....
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One Response to In The Secret Garden ….

  1. Maidinbrum says:

    Wow, beautiful photos which show Birmingham easily reaches the standard of all other major cities of the world. Nice one, Steve.

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